AARON - Going Beyond the CRA Role


After finishing college with a biology degree, Aaron wanted to work for a company that would help him advance his career. He joined Labcorp Drug Development to learn more about clinical research, working for global site services to support the activation of study sites.

Gaining experience on the study start-up side and learning about essential regulatory documents, he became interested in the clinical side of drug development. He made the transition to work as a clinical research assistant (CRAsst) and after learning the position, he was promoted to CRA I.

Growth opportunities

“Constant learning is important to me,” explained Aaron. “I wanted a position where I could grow, learn my role and work to exceed. I found that Labcorp Drug Development is the type of company that will expose you to many diverse indications and give you opportunities for career growth.”

After four years in the CRA role, he received several promotions to work his way up to senior CRA and clinical team lead (CTL). Within a year and a half of being a CTL, he was promoted to the role of Project Manager.

Surrounded by support 

“I’ve worked with great people at Labcorp Drug Development. Throughout my career here, I have people that I can call up and ask for advice anytime,” he said.

“I really like that everyone here is willing to help and support. That’s one reason why I’ve stayed here for 9 years. I would say that if you want to work for a company that will help you advance your career and align to your interests, Labcorp Drug Development is the right place.”

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