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After earning her biology degree in college, Amanda first worked in a laboratory supporting translational research before moving on to the clinical side as a study coordinator. She enjoyed the process of working with monitors and decided to take the next step to become a clinical research associate (CRA).

“I had a friend that had gone through the Labcorp Drug Development Oncology Monitoring Excellence Academy (OMEA) program and she said she absolutely loved it. I started applying to many different programs and when I interviewed with Labcorp Drug Development, I really clicked with both the managers,” said Amanda.

The OMEA opportunity 

“At first, I kept having to pinch myself!” laughed Amanda, when she described her excitement of starting the program. “I started with several other people who were going through the same feelings as me. It was kind of like going to summer camp. We became a little family and we progressed through the intense training to understand the ins and outs of the clinical trial process.”

Amanda leveraged her new connections once she was on the road monitoring on her own. “The CRA role is very independent job, but it is so nice to have and maintain the connection with your cohort as they’re always there to help,” she said. “That is a major plus of the OMEA program. The people are great and they give you a sense of structure and a safety net.”

Applying a new skill set

Amanda credits the OMEA program for helping her accomplish her goals and manage her time. “You have to time your monitoring visits very well,” she explained. “The OMEA program taught me how to see the bigger picture and keep myself accountable to the study.”

As a result of her hard work, she quickly worked her way up to the level of CRA II. “I thought this is amazing. You work hard, apply your skills and get rewarded for it. It was another ‘pinch me’ moment.”

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