Ana – Working as a Team
Ana had been working at another CRO for several years as a clinical team leader but was ready for something new.

“I decided it was time for a change. I heard from some of my former colleagues that they were really enjoying their new positions at Labcorp Drug Develpment. I applied and got a job as an Associate Project Manager, and after a few years, I was promoted to Project Manager,” said Ana. She reflected and shared with us a few things she values the most in her 7-year career journey with Labcorp Drug Development.

A suportive environment
At Labcorp Drug Development, Ana found it was easy to create a network. “My first impression was that everyone really works as a team. People go out together for lunch and enjoy working and spending time with one another.”

Ana also found camaraderie with her co-workers. “I felt very supported by my line manager and other project managers. There was always someone who helped me and showed me how to do things. My line manager also made time for me and offered advice when I faced issues in my position.”

Opportunity to apply leadership skills
To Ana, a successful project manager must be well organized. “We have to make many quick decisions,” she explained.

“We need to know who to contact for advice and how to prioritize studies, while maintaining good relations with the clinical research associates (CRAs).”

The freedom of the PM role
Independence is the top attribute that Ana associates with the PM position.

She explains, “I can make decisions and know that I have support from senior management and line managers. And, when we have to take on a lot of extra work, we are also given free time to compensate for our time, which helps with the work/life balance. Being home-based has also been great for me and my time with family.”

Recognition for her work 
Ana recognizes the value of her work from a few different levels. On the monetary side, she once received a reward for her contributions to a project. “It made me really happy, not because of the money, but because of the recognition for working on a study,” she said.

On the patient side, Ana also received some positive results. “I once supported a study for pediatric patients with a rare disease. At that time, there was no drug available on the market for those children. Now, thanks to the study, they have medications available. This is one of the best motivations for me.”

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