Aric Frantz
Aric Frantz, DVM, PhD
North American I&I Lead and Site Lead 

Madison, Wisconsin
Immunology and Immunotoxicology
I joined Labcorp because I believe the work we do is critical to the advancement of science and medicine. This is an exceptional opportunity to continue my career in an environment where best-of-bench science becomes modern medicine.

My career in the field of immunology began with scholarship research at the University of Chicago during the summers of my undergraduate education. Exposed to some of the finest immunology laboratories and researchers in the world, this experience opened my mind to what is possible. It started my passion for working in a field that has nearly unparalleled opportunity to make real, measurable improvements in the daily lives of people and animals.

The next step in building my career was the completion of a dual DVM/PhD degree program at the University of Minnesota, where I published work including the first demonstration of transciptome orthology between human and canine lymphoma. I have a patent for the ability to type and grade canine lymphoma from an aspirate of any canine lymph node derived from this work. This patent has a direct impact on the delivery of medicine and is a great example of the work I continue to find exciting and motivating.

At Labcorp, I am surrounded by a great team of people. I’ve had the opportunity to participate in a huge array of projects that are making this same transition from bench science to modern medicine. Additionally, the comparative biology of the immune system provides us with exciting comparative insights into both animal and human biology. It is a privilege to work with a variety of clients with a shared passion - to shape winning science in order to create safe and effective medicines.

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