Chris Rothwell MSc
Staff Scientist
Immunology and Immunotoxicology

Harrogate, United Kingdom
Having worked in cancer research at the earliest phases of development, at Labcorp Drug Development I am now able to move into the pre-clinical and clinical phases of oncology drug development. In research roles I was aware it was very unlikely any of my work would reach the clinic and benefit patients. Here, the opposite is true and many of the projects I work on have the potential to bring clinical benefit. 

I have always had a passion for science and the natural world. I started working in government-funded research labs after completing my degree in Animal Science at Nottingham University. Potential for growth in my role has always been important to me and I was supported in this ambition when the BBSRC funded my part-time Master’s Degree in Immunology from Surrey University.

Inspired to pursue biomedical immunology I joined Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research in the UK. When presented with the opportunity to move to the US with Novartis I jumped at the chance. During my time in the US I joined the developmental and molecular pathways group looking to identify new cancer targets, through targeted genetic screening. My time in the States combined cutting edge research with the potential to drive forward the development of novel cancer treatments. 

In my current role at Labcorp Drug Development I see opportunity to continue to develop myself. I am able to pursue my scientific interests and develop and broaden my skills. I am excited by the range and diversity of projects we support and keen to explore new and innovative collaborations.

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