Claire Fielding
Claire Fielding, MSc
Laboratory Operations Manager II
Immunology and Immunotoxicology

Harrogate, United Kingdom
My career with Labcorp Drug Development started in 2005, when I began working within the Immunoassay team in the Clinical Pathology Services Department (CPS). From there I moved into the Clinical Chemistry section performing safety testing for both preclinical and clinical studies and working on call to support the Leeds Clinic. During my time in CPS, I took the opportunity to further my education and completed my MSc in Pathological Sciences at Sheffield Hallam University. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and particularly enjoyed the Immunology aspects. After a few years working as a Laboratory Scientist, I progressed into a Supervisory role in CPS and then moved to Immunology and Immunotoxicolgy (I&I). 

My drive is to ensure that people are engaged, motivated and developed in order to help move the business forward. For this reason, I took on the Operational Manager role within I&I in January 2020. 

The work we do is innovative, challenging and incredibly important and I am grateful to work with such a talented team. 

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