Claudia - Building strong relationships As a biochemist by training with significant experience in the clinical diagnostics industry, Claudia wasn’t aware of opportunities in monitoring clinical research until a quality assurance manager invited her to join the clinical research team. After completing a clinical monitoring course, Claudia took on her first position as a clinical research associate (CRA).

“At the time, I didn’t know many things about the CRA role, but now I love it,” Claudia shared. “I discovered as a CRA I could develop close relationships with physicians and the clinical side as I reviewed medical charts. The most exciting part then and still today is learning more about different diseases and therapeutic areas.”

Making the move to Covance
Claudia had developed her initial CRA experience in another CRO, but the offer of a signing bonus piqued her interest to interview with Covance and determine if it would be a good fit.

“In the interview with my manager, I felt like we would have a good relationship and I would like their style of work,” said Claudia.

Her instincts from the interview proved to be correct. “I have a direct relationship with my manager, which has been important for me. We have a great connection to resolve issues as they arise. Even if I have a lot of questions for her to solve, I know she is always there for me.”

Thriving in the FSPx role
In the FSPx role, where she works directly onsite with the sponsor, Claudia helps identify potential study sites and perform validation and feasibility of centers.

“Our work plays a role in improving lives,” she explains. “Many diseases don’t have effective treatments, so we work to ensure that any new drugs are safe and efficient. It is really exciting for me.”

Keeping in touch with the Covance side as part of the FSPx position, Claudia occasionally stops by the Covance office. “Although I am not at the Covance office very often, when I am there, it is such a good environment to work in and they welcome me. These close relationships are one of the things that I appreciate about working at Covance.”

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