Meet Vidhya


Danielle initially began her studies in criminal justice, aspiring to become a detective, but she was hesitant about joining a police force. She found that biology was a better fit to satisfy her interest with investigational work yet her first laboratory job left her feeling unsatisfied. When a friend mentioned that she should explore opportunities in clinical research, Danielle took an introductory course and found it was great way to serve as a “detective” in the drug development process.

“Clinical research is the perfect niche for me,” explained Danielle. “I have to be very focused to easily pick up on minute problems or areas that need improvement. This involves going to sites, meeting new people and training them so we can foresee any potential problems, keeping patients safe and delivering great data.”

Gaining Experience on the Job

Like many aspiring Clinical Research Associates (CRAs), Danielle wasn’t sure how she would get a job in the industry without any prior CRA experience. She applied for a Covance Clinical Research Assistant position and realized it was the perfect way to get the skills she needed.

“Covance is great because they take you in and train you at the role while you work,” said Danielle. “I made it my goal to become promoted with nine months, at which point I went from an assistant to an associate.”

Ask and You Shall Receive

As Danielle grew into the CRA role, she began to consider expanding her horizon beyond the Philadelphia area. “I grew up in Philly area, went to college two hours from home and never strayed all that far,” admitted Danielle.

Danielle was ready to try something different so she approached her manager and discussed the possibility of moving to San Francisco. Her manager worked to make it happen and soon Danielle was supporting Covance studies on the west coast and enjoying the outdoors in a new area of the country. After two years in California, she then moved to Colorado to become a line manager—another career move supported by Covance.

Uncovering Her Independent Side

“As an adult, I’d visited a lot of places around the US, but had never travelled by myself. With the CRA role, I found a love for travel and visiting different areas of the country,” said Danielle. “I didn’t realize that I am as independent as I am.”

Now that Danielle has worked her way up and advanced her career, she enjoys mentoring her colleagues and watching their careers blossom. “I’m excited to be part of the Covance CRA training and mentoring program, The Monitoring Excellence Academy (MEA), and see the progression as the staff continues to develop,” says Danielle. “Like my own career path, it shows that Covance is willing to ‘grow its own’ and nurture valuable talent."

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