Dominique grew up in a large military family that moved from place to place with each new assignment. Learning how to make friends quickly and getting accustomed to new places was just part of life.

Now, in her career as Clinical Research Associate (CRA), Dominique continues to rapidly adjust to new situations as she helps a variety of early clinical development oncology studies.

Supporting Groundbreaking Research

“In the early Phase I and II studies, it’s exciting to break ground for new treatments,” said Dominique. “You are assigned to a new study that immediately needs your help. You have to be flexible and adaptable to your situation.”

Dominique built her initial CRA experience through the Covance Monitoring Excellence Academy (MEA) training program. Before Covance, she had been working as a clinical research coordinator at a hospital/academic health care center but aspired to grow in her career. When she heard from a recruiter about an exciting option to advance her career with Covance’s paid training program, she jumped at the chance.

“Through the Covance MEA, I received all the training I needed to be a CRA. It was extremely interactive and supportive, utilizing my previous experience and applying that specific knowledge into the role of being a monitor,” explained Dominique. “It's really the best job training I’d ever received.”

Maintaining a Healthy Balance

Now that she has settled into the CRA routine of working from a home-based office and travelling to visit sites, Dominique enjoys the flexibility of the job. “Being able to set my own schedule with a really good work/life balance is something I really value,” she said.

On the road, Dominique loves to try new restaurants to satisfy her foodie side and takes advantage of museum nights or other events to explore a city while on assignment. She often she uses social media tools to check in to new locations and post pictures of her adventures, finding that mobile technology is a great way to stay in touch with her wife and maintain friendships while she’s away. She also enjoys keeping up with her MEA training cohort meeting up for dinner when their travel paths cross.

Planning her Next Move

With her second year of CRA experience underway, Dominique is keeping her eye on the career path ahead. “When I started as a CRA, Covance was quick to say that this isn’t the end,” she said. “There are several options for where my career can advance. I can try different studies, if I’d like, or become a line manager. All of these different pathways were laid out right away and Covance is always there to support that growth.”

With many options to consider, Dominique feels grateful for the opportunities at Covance. “Now I just have to think about which direction to go,” she laughed. “It’s a good problem to have.”

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