Erika – Gaining Valuable Experience
With experience working for global pharma companies and a human research review board, Erika has a keen understanding of clinical research. Drawing on her background as a lead clinical research associate (CRA), she transitioned into project management and recently took on a stretch role to manage part of a large-scale diabetes study.

“I learned more in the past year than I had learned in several years,” said Erika. “In my position, I have been able to touch areas that I have never touched before and seen the full picture of drug development from every functional area. I enjoyed that experience and it allowed me to sharpen my skills.”

Getting started as a PM
Erika credits her tech-savvy abilities as an asset to starting in the PM role but also notes the importance of creating a network.

“In this job, getting the resources you need is about who you know, not what you know. I tell people, ‘don’t be afraid to ask questions.’ If I needed help, I found that everyone at Labcorp Drug Development was very supportive. The people here are really phenomenal.”

The Labcorp Drug Development difference
Erika finds that as she is building experience in the role, she appreciates that she is getting a broad view of the industry.

“I’m learning not only about my clients but other sponsors as well. I am also getting trained in the financial management piece of clinical trials, which is a valuable skill.”

She also appreciates the flexibility of the PM position.

“Working full-time from home is great and a differentiator for Labcorp Drug Development. I’d say, if you are thinking about working with a CRO, Labcorp Drug Development is the one to work for.”

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