Hufriz Karkaria, Head of HR and Staffing, India
The Growth and Evolution of the CRO Landscape in India 
As an experienced HR professional in India’s CRO landscape, I have gained a deep appreciation for the value that clinical research adds to daily life. I see how each employee contributes to the discovery and development of potentially life-changing solutions. This vision keeps me engaged and excited to draw new talent into this industry.

When I was first asked to join Labcorp Drug Development, I was impressed by the strength of the senior leadership and drawn to the quality of colleagues that would be part of our group. Now that I’m here, I am inspired by the breadth of Labcorp Drug Development's activities in global health and am delighted to be a part of a team with a clear ambition to succeed.

Discovering your extraordinary potential 
I believe this is an exciting time for Labcorp Drug Development, India. Our local employees are forming the backbone to support us as we grow and develop into a larger team. In this environment, talent can thrive as employees have increased exposure to global functions at Labcorp Drug Development. It is an atmosphere that truly enables each employee to discover their extraordinary potential.

Going beyond hiring talent
While we are looking for the best and brightest to join us at Labcorp Drug Development, India, we are doing more than just hiring the top talent. The team is creating our footprint in India and developing best practices. From their first day at Labcorp Drug Development, I want each individual to experience that “exciting moment” and carry an energized purpose throughout their career with us.

I hope that candidates understand that joining Labcorp Drug Development, India is really a game changer. Being a part of this team is truly a one-of-a-kind opportunity to develop innovative solutions and help shape the beginnings of Labcorp Drug Development's endeavor in India.

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