Meet Imran Ali, Senior Vice President Drug Development Business Performance and Country Head, India
During my career working with pharmaceutical and healthcare data science companies, I have witnessed many major shifts in the industry. Companies are merging to expand their global reach while informatics technologies and data science advances are supporting new breakthrough treatments to improve the lives of patients across the globe.

As we strengthen our global presence, I believe it is essential to make a commitment to each region and its people. I was born, raised and educated in India so it was important for me to work with a global organization that values our regional talent and offers an exceptional employee experience.
From the start, I have witnessed our dedication to employees and people-focused culture. Here, our employees will gain exposure to end-to-end drug development across drug discovery, research and development, clinical development and commercialization services. And most importantly, employees have an opportunity to build their careers with our world-renowned organization all while working to bring new scientific discoveries to life. In my role, I will work to ensure we continue to offer this premier experience through our family-focused benefits package designed to enhance each team member’s personal well-being.

If you are looking to benefit from a truly scientific, people-focused culture where you can improve the lives of patients across the globe through your work, Labcorp is the organization for you. I hope you will join me as we deliver on the promise of creating a healthier world.

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