Meet Vidhya
Seoyoung (Irene) Ahn (Recruiter)

Hi I’m Irene, and I am the Sr. Recruiter to for the Labcorp Drug Development APAC Recruitment Team.
I’ve been working at Labcorp Drug Development for a couple of years and It’s been incredible so far. It’s inspiring to work with people dedicated to the mission of making people’s lives better. The people working at Labcorp Drug Development are some of the most talented, dedicated, and caring people in the clinical trial field.
We are looking for the best candidates to share in this experience. If you want to be a part of the effort of advancing medical care for all, then we want you to join us.
Explore  our website to check out the multiple job openings, please feel free to contact me and please share with me your CV for further discussion.
I’m looking forward to speaking with you. 
Thank you.
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