Joel Puchalski
Joel Puchalski, M.S.
Laboratory Operations Manager
Global Immunology and Immunotoxicology Services
​​​​​​​Madison, Wisconsin
Early on in my career, I was taught to run an Annexin/PI assay using flow cytometry to study apoptosis by a young faculty member at a university lab. The questions we were asking were intriguing, but the technique itself blew my mind. The more I considered it, the more I realized the potential for a technique to unleash so many answers to questions. Eventually, I took a position in a vibrant flow cytometry core facility and I never turned back.

Eventually, despite my love for the technique of flow cytometry, I began to realize in the end, it was in fact just a technique. It could answer questions, but the importance of the questions and why they were being asked required more attention. I took a position at Covance because I realized being part of something bigger had so much more meaning. Using various platforms to answer immunology system and immunotoxicology questions to ensure the safe usage of potential drug candidates meant something.

I get the privilege of collaborating with many brilliant scientists in the drug development industry to test new drugs and biologicals that have the potential for curing serious human issues and disease. Although the scientific interest tends to be the component that drives us from day to day, I can never fully dissociate from the fact that in the end, we have an important responsibility to ensure that we continually produce quality data as the decisions being made from that data will have profound consequences.

I have an amazing team and many wonderful colleagues. They inspire me daily and together we do our best to answer the difficult immunological questions that surround today’s new drug candidates.

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