Julie - From Academia to Industry While performing her post-graduate degree, Julie completed a variety of placements, one of which covered clinical research. She instantly knew this would be a great fit for her. “I liked that everything is so clear and documented,” said Julie. “I also liked that clinical research plays a role with patients, how they are treated and their overall health.”

She went on to complete a post-graduate clinical research program and started her career in an academic hospital-based setting as a study coordinator before becoming a clinical research associate (CRA) and head of monitoring services.

Feeling like part of the family
When Julie joined Covance as a Senior CRA, it was her first position outside of academia. “The beginning was really hard for me,” admitted Julie. “The process in academic research was totally different and it took me a while to transition.”

Working directly with a pharmaceutical company as a Covance employee in the Functional Service Provision (FSPx) role, Julie quickly became comfortable following both the standard operation procedures (SOPs) from both Covance and the sponsor.

“I feel like I am part of the Covance team but also part of the sponsor’s team,” said Julie. “At the sponsor’s site, we are like a family within the family. The sponsor has CRAs from several different CROs and we are all treated the same way. There is no competition between us and we help each other out.”

Learning and making a difference
Before joining Covance, Julie had concentrated on lymphoma studies. With Covance and its sponsor, she learned about a number of different oncology disease areas. “Covance provided me with training and I also relied on other CRAs and the project leader to help teach me,” explained Julie. “Now I am helping other new people as they come in.”

Beyond gaining new experience, Julie likes the feeling of making a difference. “When you see that a treatment is doing well and will likely be used for a larger population, you think, ‘Yes!’ I know I am just a little part of this success, but I still feel proud of the work I’m doing.”

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