Kafait - Serving as part of a cooperative team Kafait has two passions in life – pursuing scientific knowledge and playing cricket. During the work week, he supports trials as a clinical operations manager; on the weekends he enjoys playing on a local cricket team and rooting for his favorite national teams from England and Pakistan. In both endeavors, teamwork represents an essential element to creating shared successes.

As part of a sponsor’s global team in the Covance FSPx model, supporting clinical trials can be challenging. Kafait works closely with stakeholders to meet requirements and plays an important part in helping sponsors reach study milestones within the expected timelines.

He explains, “I see these challenges as learning opportunities. My position offers an opportunity to work with people across different backgrounds – and build strong relationships with my team members.”

Kafait's Covance career progression within FSPx
Lead Clinical Research Associate > Clinical Operations Manager

Applying extensive education and experience
Kafait’s passion for studying science – and learning cricket – started in childhood, but he first learned about clinical research during his biostatistics Master’s program. Here, he learned how to design research studies and a classmate introduced him to the operational side of conducting a clinical trial. Kafait went on to complete a program in project management in addition to another Master’s degree, focusing on clinical research and health economics.

Over the last five years at Covance, he found the atmosphere to be incredibly supportive. “Through thick and thin, I have always received amazing support from my managers – both on the sponsor side and with Covance. They know how to take care of the team and develop relationships based on trust. Being able to listen and help each other is really important in this career.”  

Recognizing the results of teamwork
Kafait has also witnessed the impact of his contribution on modern research. In his role as a lead clinical research associate in a sponsor’s oncology study, Kafait later learned that the patients recruited to the study had expected to live only another six months. But, two years later, due to the success of the trial and novel oncology treatment, those patients were still alive – and disease free.

Kafait shared, “I believe the work I do really matters and helps keep me motivated to do my best to support sponsors as they develop innovative medicine and change the lives of patients.”

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