Meet Vidhya

Kate was frustrated, experiencing a lack of advancement opportunities after nearly four years as a clinical studies coordinator at a cancer hospital. She was ready for a career with long-term development potential, so she decided to apply for clinical monitoring positions. But she quickly found that companies were reluctant to hire anyone without previous monitoring experience and she received rejection after rejection.

Then Kate heard about the Covance Monitoring Excellence Academy (MEA)—a training program that offered a fast track to become a Covance CRA. “I was hired in January to start training, assigned to assist studies by April and then graduated in July,” she said. Soon, she was performing site initiation and routine monitoring visits to help sites become more effective and advance their studies.

Embracing the Remote Workspace

At first, Kate was worried that she would not be disciplined enough outside of a typical office setting. But she soon realized she liked working on her own and planning her day to work more efficiently and reserve time for herself.

“When I visit a site location, I make some time to do something fun in the city,” she said. “We have that flexibility and I cannot image going back to a ‘real’ office anymore. I really have the best of both worlds.”

Connecting with People

As someone who enjoys connecting with people from all walks of life, Kate found the CRA role was perfect for a self-proclaimed “people person” as she travels between nine different sites across the US to support one study.

She explained, “You become a partner to all of these sites and really get to know them, connecting with the staff on a professional level. When you get along with the people you work with, it makes the job fun and your work goes more smoothly.”

This connection also helps Kate teach sites how to follow protocols as they sit down together to work through issues. “I’ll let the sites know that I’m here to help them and ensure that they are enabled to fix any potential situations.”

No Two Days are the Same

Outside of the work hours, Kate enjoys exercise classes—even finding ones when she travels—along with spending time in dog parks with her black lab and taking trips with her husband.

While her time outside of work is fairly predictable, she enjoys the natural variety experienced as a CRA. “No two days on the job are ever the same,” she said. “There is also something new thrown in that keeps you on your toes—and I love it.”

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