Laura - A Collaborative Facilitator
As a Project Manager, Laura considers herself a chameleon.

She explained, “Working collaboratively alongside sponsors requires me to adjust my personality and deliverables to suit their needs. Some sponsors may need more education on the process, while others want high-level bullet points.”

In her work, she believes the key to forging a collaboration starts with communication.

“Our first task is to gain the trust of the sponsors. We need to ask the right questions, listen and be facilitative to manage any potential risks before we take action. Then we can work as facilitators and coaches who integrate all of the functional leads, bring them together and provide a finished product.”

Working with exceptional people
Having worked previously in a pharmaceutical company, in academia and with a large CRO, she found that the environment at Labcorp Drug Development stands out with its exceptional people.

“Here, people listen and are supportive. You can see great camaraderie among team members. The people and structure allow you to grow. They give you the mobility to go for what you want in your career.”

An energizing purpose
With a family history that includes those affected by cancer, Laura understands the energizing purpose of her work.

“The whole reason to do this work is to improve the lives of others,” said Laura. “All of us have been touched by cancer or other illnesses.”

She added, “Every single person on the team has a critical role to play for the success of the study and the health of the world. With that, we need to work smart, efficiently and passionately. That speaks to my values here.”

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