Lekitha, Statistical Programmer 1, FSPx

"I joined Labcorp Drug Development as an intern in 2017. For a person straight out of college, the professional world can seem quite intimidating. That’s why it’s important to work in the right organization, especially at the start of your career."
The exposure I received here has been phenomenal in transforming myself into a well-rounded, confident professional. I was provided everything that a new hire could ask for: guidance, strong employee bonding, an inclusive work culture and technology training, along with a lot of learning and development – all within an environment to gain invaluable experience. 

Today, as a statistical programmer, I am responsible for analyzing datasets, tables, listings and figures. I develop and validate the analysis and report on the safety and efficacy of programming utilizing SAS and report activities for various clients across multiple therapeutic areas.

While working on a variety of projects, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with people in different departments around the globe. I’ve received support from my managers and teammates, who are always ready to help. 

Labcorp Drug Development not only has an incredible work environment but also a great work culture that provides us with the opportunity to innovate and give back to society. This is a great place to grow, both personally and professionally, and I am extremely happy to be a part of this wonderful organization.

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