Liat - Thriving under pressure
As a line manager for clinical research studies, Liat understands how to deal with pressure and see a project through to the end. She isn’t averse to challenges – in fact, in her time outside of work she recently decided to improve her interest in baking with a weekly pastry chef course that included both written and practical exams – a true end-to-end experience to deliver a finished product to the customer.

In terms of delivering successful projects to her customers on the clinical side, Liat knows what it takes to advance a sponsor’s study. “Proactivity and flexibility are important in this role,” said Liat. “I always enjoy evaluating processes and being open minded to come up with suggestions on how we can improve.”

Liat credits the Labcorp Drug Development environment for supporting her career opportunities and growth. “The nice thing about the Labcorp Drug Development CRA path is that there is always flexibility. If you work hard and want to grow your career, you will have lots of options for your next role.”

Liat's career progression within FSPx
CRA I > CRA II > Senior CRA > Line Manager

Making an impact on oncology
After making use of her degree in molecular biology and genetic engineering, followed by two in-depth programs in clinical research associate training, Liat started at Labcorp Drug Development as a CRA. After a few studies, she found that oncology research piqued her interest. She requested to support oncology efforts and was soon after assigned to work on the sponsor side. While Liat knew these studies could be challenging, she also found them most rewarding.

“At these clinical research sites, the pressure is on,” said Liat. “If I can enable sites to make their patient visits more efficient and help them provide answers in shorter timelines, this makes a real difference to the patients.”

Enabling progress​​​
Even though CRAs do not meet patients in person, Liat often felt she was by their sides. “You immerse the patients in your life through their medical files. They’re so much more than a number,” she said.

With a new era of targeted oncology treatments, Liat has been able to witness healthcare improvements first-hand. “It has been amazing to see the patients charts and the positive effect of the treatment. The study I supported was successful and has become a marketed drug to help treat cancer. It is exhilarating to be a part of this progression in medicine.”


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