Lorraine Edwards
Operation Manager
Immunology and Immunotoxicology

Huntingdon, United Kingdom
I’m Lorraine Edwards Operation Manager in I&I Huntingdon. I have been with the company 23 years starting in 1996 with HLS as a temporary animal technician. I stayed in the animal area for approximately 20 years with a short break as Report Coordinator working with our scheduling team to get reporting on to Primavera. I left LAT as AFM, NACWO with Ran Tech, project licence holder responsibilities and accreditations. My experiences cross over multi species (rat, mice, rabbit, marmoset, hamster including the full range of Repro and continuous infusion including introduction of iPrecio pumps. I was responsible for my team running the largest continuous infusion study the industry had known at the time.  

On leaving LAT I joined the financial commercial team for Envigo and that is where I have gained experience in the analytical environment as I was driving the revenue recognition for the 3 areas that made BBC (CLS, IA and Flow and cell). This entailed accountability for recognizing revenue as it is generated, collaborating with the department to ensure pricing was performed accurately and getting revenue allocated. This involvement within the department led to my current position, as I realized I missed people management and being part of operations to enhance the revenues. I have been in this role since June and am enjoying the challenges and learning opportunities with the science as well as the new Labcorp Drug Development business.

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