May - Part of the family May first discovered clinical research as part of an internship during his university studies.

“I worked with a large pharmaceutical company and rotated in different departments, such as regulatory, monitoring and pharmacovigilance,” explained May. “I liked that the work was not as routine as being in the laboratory but was still related to my interests in human health and disease.”

May decided to continue his training and earned a Master’s in clinical trials. He started his career after that with a small CRO, working in regulatory affairs and then was trained to work as a clinical research associate.

A great match
After a few years at his first CRO, May learned that a few of his colleagues had recently applied for and accepted positions at Covance.

“They told me about a great opportunity and said that Covance was an amazing company, so I sent in my resume,” said May. “I was hired and also found that Covance was much different from my previous CRO. The pay was better, I received more in-depth training and I got to meet a lot of awesome people.”

Working directly for the sponsor
As part of the Functional Service Provision (FSPx) team, May currently works directly with a global pharmaceutical company and enjoys the one-on-one relationship.

“When I worked for the other CRO, I had to learn specific procedures from multiple sponsors, but, here at Covance, I am only working for one sponsor. This is better and allows me to focus on my protocols.”

May also feels a sense of autonomy in his work
“At Covance, I don’t feel like I am just one more employee,” he explained. “Here, we are listened to, get to speak our minds and help with new initiatives. The sponsor really likes what we do, and I feel included in the company like part of the family.”

Most recently, May was promoted to the role of Clinical Operations Manager, highlighting the career growth opportunities in the FSPx team. He said, “I am excited to be offered this great chance in the company.”

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