Mitchell - Celebrating Successes Together
Mitchell has worked with several contract research organizations (CROs) and found that Labcorp Drug Development has provided him with numerous growth opportunities. 

"My time with Labcorp Drug Development has been very fulfilling," said Mitchell. "I enjoy the project management side of setting sponsors' expectations and timelines, and I also find the technical aspect very rewarding. As part of FSPx, you are exposed to many different aspects of the pharmaceutical business and have the opportunity to work in a very flexible environment."

Mitchell also notes the stability of working for a reputable CRO: "When you work for a top tier organization, life is never dull and there are always challenging projects."

He has also seen the impact of his team's work to change the lives of patients. 

"Our Labcorp Drug Development FSPx team supported work on a drug for a rare disease. We simulated the review before the sponsor's submission to the U.S. FDA. The drug was approved, and it's now the only drug available for this rare disease,” he said. 

“In FSPx, we also celebrate our successes together, which is the part of my job that I find the most satisfying. I enjoy working collaboratively and recognizing people for doing a great job. It's very hard to match that anywhere else."

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