Nan Cie
Nan Cie - Staying focused in her work
As a Clinical Research Associate (CRA), Nan Cie knows how to manager her time. One of her techniques involves practicing yoga outside of work to help her stay focused.

“Sometimes, work as a CRA can be challenging and we have limited time,” said Nan Cie. “I have learned how to train myself to focus in yoga, which improves my concentration and helps me focus during work.”

Gaining exposure on the job
Nan Cie started her career as a clinical research coordinator in a hospital setting before becoming a CRA. While she enjoyed the CRA work in the hospital, she wanted to work with more novel drugs and found that Covance by Labcorp was involved in a greater range of clinical trials.

“I wanted to learn more about oncology research, so I chose a CRA position with Covance by Labcorp,” Nan Cie explained. “Since joining, I have also been able to move beyond oncology and support infectious disease and vaccine trials, working directly with the sponsor site.”

Growing her skills
While Nan Cie already had CRA experience before joining Covance by Labcorp, she found that Covance by Labcorp was a good place to continue to develop her skills.

“Covance by Labcorp is a good place for CRAs to grow their monitoring skills. We have training workshops for CRAs, which are a good place for us to share our experiences and work through issues together. The knowledge sharing between the sponsor and Covance by Labcorp is really very good.”

Supported in her workAs part of the Functional Service Provision (FSPx) team, Nan Cie works directly with a sponsor, a global pharmaceutical company.  

“The FSPx model is very good,” said Nan Cie. “Whenever I have issues, I get support from my line manager at Covance by Labcorp and also my line manager at the sponsor site. It is a good working environment and we are able to work well with the clinics. I think this is very important in our industry.”

An energizing purpose
Nan Cie feels that she is making an impact in healthcare and recognizes the energizing purpose of her work.

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