Nataliya - Expanding her experience With a Master’s degree in Arts, focusing on French, English and foreign literature, Nataliya has always been interested in reading, travelling and connecting people around the world. After teaching French at a university, she decided to interact with people in a completely different way – she became a CRA assistant with small contract research organization (CRO).

Seeking greater exposure
At her first CRO position, Nataliya gained her initial CRA experience but had a limited role in just one part of a trial. She wanted to increase her exposure in additional strategic areas and decided to apply to Covance as a CRA I.

Over the last five years, she has worked with Covance as a CRA and also directly for two different pharmaceutical companies as a CRA in the Functional Service Provision (FSPx) role.

“Working at Covance in the FSPx role has provided me with extensive experience,” she explained. I learned a lot by working in different therapeutic areas and even became involved with different trial phases, such as Phase Ib.”

A supported journey
Now, as a Senior CRA, she can reflect on how her career has grown. “Throughout my years at Covance, I have always felt supported by both my Covance managers and the sponsors,” said Nataliya. “I am surrounded by talented leaders who can listen, advise, support, and help me.”

Nataliya also has a greater awareness of the energy within the clinical research industry. “I know that we are all in this together,” she explains. “I’ve seen how pharmaceutical companies, CROs, CRAs, project management teams and the people participating in clinical trials are all helping improve human health.

Proud of her role in progressing medicine
Nataliya is now focused on advancing new indications for an immuno-oncology treatment as a Senior CRA in the FSPx position with a sponsor. While she admits it can be challenging to learn about the hardships associated with ill patients, she also finds it inspiring to see the positive effects of a treatment.

“Working on these new immuno-oncology treatments, I’m able to witness the impact of innovative medicines,” she said. “I know the work I do can help to improve the not only the quality of life for a patient – but also for their family. I think of the patient as someone’s mother, father, or child and makes me proud to be a part of this progression in healthcare.”

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