After developing her early career as a clinical research coordinator in a cancer center, Neethu was interested in expanding her horizons into study monitoring. She searched online for programs to become a monitor and found the Covance Oncology Monitoring Excellence Academy (OMEA).

“I applied to a few different places,” said Neethu, “I found some companies only provided two weeks of training, but Covance offered a full three months. They really take the time to train you and give you the support you need to be successful.”

Gaining knowledge and a support network 

As Neethu began her training, she expanded on her skills gained as an oncology coordinator. She explained, “As a coordinator you are trained to do your job but not trained about the ‘why.’ Many important blanks were filled in for me during the OMEA program to better understand oncology itself, the way cancer works and, of course, the importance of monitoring.”

Neethu especially enjoyed working with other people within the OMEA program and quickly became used to the home-based position. “It’s nice to have these people as additional resources once the training is finished,” she said. “We have become a support system and resource for each other. That was the really great thing about graduating from the OMEA.”  

Owning her career path 

After a few years as a CRA, Neethu’s hard work was noticed and she moved up to a Lead CRA position. “The promotion was very motivating for me and I was able to move up quickly,” explained Neethu.

It was equally important for Neethu to manage her work-life balance. “That’s another good thing about Covance,” added Neethu. “I talked to my manager and she was able to reduce my travel time by assigning me to local sites because I was starting my family. Covance really takes your career goals into consideration and can help with your work-life balance as well.”

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