James - Advancing His Career
Since he earned his degree in molecular biology nearly 20 years ago, James has witnessed how the clinical research landscape has shifted.

“I love the science behind clinical research and am kind of a ‘nerd at heart,’” admitted James. “Molecular-based medicine and personalized therapies are really interesting to me, especially in immuno-oncology. I like being involved in that piece of the research and teaching my team how the drugs are working.”

The appeal of Project Management
Beyond getting excited about the molecular side of the treatments, James understands the urgency behind getting new treatments to patients.

“As a project director, I like being focused on developing sponsor relationships as well as strategies to meet sponsor timelines and deliverables. It is critical and one of the reasons why project management appeals to me.”

A sense of appreciation
Having worked at another CRO, James appreciates the move to Labcorp Drug Development.

“At Labcorp Drug Development we have an easy escalation process for our issues,” said James. “Everyone on the leadership team is very accessible and willing to help.”

Recognizing advancement opportunities
“The project manager position requires you to take control of your career,” he stated. “You are the captain of your own ship. You need to recognize opportunities in your current position and demonstrate you can handle your responsibilities.”

James recommends working directly with one’s manager to advance. “If you speak with your manager and tell them about your plan to achieve your career goals, they will give you the support, the direction and the help you need,” he said. “Labcorp Drug Development definitely supports and encourages advancement opportunities.”

An energizing purpose
When reflecting on what keeps him motivated at Labcorp Drug Development, James said, “I absolutely love my work. The company supports us well from a salary and benefits perspective, and we get to work with very talented, smart people.”

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