Radick - Ongoing Career Growth
Across his 19 years of clinical trial experience, Radick has worked with a pharmaceutical company and another CRO but has spent the majority of his career with Labcorp Drug Development.

“I feel that Labcorp Drug Development has been quite open to my career development,” said Radick. “With Labcorp Drug Development, I have been able to move to new positions within the company and felt supported by my line managers, who have given me good advice on where to apply my interests.”

Becoming a project manager
After working as a Senior CRA and then Lead CRA with Labcorp Drug Development, Radick transitioned to the Project Manager (PM) role.

“Understanding clinical research from the perspective of a CRA was very valuable experience for entering the PM role,” said Radick. “This provided me with practical experience in clinical research. I knew what was happening at the sites, appreciated the role of the principal investigator and understood all the processes involved.”

Feeling supported
Even with his extensive background in clinical research, Radick acknowledges that the Project Manager and Senior PM roles can be challenging.

“Trials are becoming more complex by including additional requirements and increasing client expectations,” he explained. “A PM has to have excellent communication skills and understand the perspective and interests of all parties. Every day, Project Managers are learning something new and gaining experience by working with other people.”

Expanding his skills 
With Labcorp Drug Development, Radick has gained exposure to several therapeutic areas such as oncology, rare disease, cardiovascular, metabolic and neuroscience.

“I love my work,” said Radick. “As a PM, my role gives me the opportunity to positively influence the way a trial is being conducted. From that perspective, the work is very creative, and I get satisfaction from achieving goals as a team. I also find it interesting to work with people across the globe and learn something new about different cultures and people. This helps broaden my network and my communication skills.”

Recognizing rewarding work
Radick is currently supporting trials in rare disease and recently heard some good news about the program.

“The rare disease trial I supported was recently approved for a pediatric population. It’s always good to recognize that you are working toward the successful completion of a study. When a treatment reaches approval, you gain satisfaction knowing that your contributions made a difference.”

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