Sabrina - Potential to Grow
Sabrina had been working in a functional service provider model (FSP) with another contract research organization (CRO) when a friend recommended Labcorp Drug Development FSPx. 

"My friend told me that working with Labcorp Drug Development FSPx was really different," said Sabrina. "And she was right: I have experienced more freedom, flexibility and oversight with my project. I work directly with the pharmaceutical sponsor, can make independent decisions and am treated as one of the team. In fact, after working on one study, I was asked to be a part of an exciting new study and bring my opinions and ideas to the team."

Sabrina has also felt supported in her career by management. 

“I have a really great line manager who checks on my work-life balance and also helps me look ahead and prepare for my future goal of being a project manager. I feel there is a lot of potential here to grow and set new goals to achieve.”

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