Dr. Sanish Davis
Dr. Sanish Davis, Senior Medical Director, Science/Medicine (Physicians) A Unique Opportunity to Shape Clinical Programs 
After earning a doctorate in medicine with a specialty in clinical pharmacology, I worked in the pharmaceutical industry as a medical advisor, oversaw clinical research and operations and directed clinical pharmacology teams in both MNC and Indian R&D companies. While I enjoyed these positions, and gained valuable experience, I felt the professional need to be more involved in programs at the late stage.

Joining Covance as a Medical Director was my first opportunity with a global CRO. I was a bit hesitant initially and slightly worried that I may be on the “sidelines” in this role. But I am proud to share I have been actively involved with several different compounds, helped advance programs, wrote protocols and developed strategies for execution.

I really appreciate the close, hands-on approach that goes beyond routine medical monitoring. Covance has a very unique work environment that sets us apart from the others. This role also complements my position as General Secretary with the Indian Society for Clinical Research (ISCR), where we work with the government, academia and other stakeholders to help form regulatory guidance and policies that improve clinical research in India.

A wide variety of opportunities 
Now that I have been working with Covance for over 4.5 years, I have experienced how supportive the team is and have seen how collaboration is encouraged between different programs, allowing teams to learn from each other and apply the experience to your team’s studies.

The company encourages you to reach out and form your individual development plan, giving you independence to take on additional activities and build your career. I have always received great support from my global managers.

Joining Covance and experiencing rapid growth 
As Covance is growing at a terrific pace in India, there are many opportunities to move into areas that are outside of the typical CRO environment. For anyone who wants to start their career in a CRO or gain exposure to different roles in their mid-career phase, this is an exciting place to pursue your professional aspirations and also gain work satisfaction. With our supportive environment and motivated leadership, Covance India is truly a unique organization to grow and further one’s career. 

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