Soumyashree - Defining Her Vision
As an assistant clinical data manager, Soumyashree takes care of end-to-end data management activities from study start-up to close out, which involves study build activities, data review for clinical trials, discrepancy management, QC of the datasets, drafting and finalizing study relevant documents, as well as performing quality checks, data migrations with any protocol amendments that lead to a successful database lock. 

"As part of FSPx, we play a critical role in advancing the study – and I get ample exposure of interaction with the clients," said Soumyashree. "Every day is not the same. It's very exciting for me to be part of the vibrant team. We know that everyone who is involved in this industry, regardless of big or small, is helping clinical trial data work to approve a drug that can improve someone’s quality of life.”

With the FSPx team, Soumyashree has worked directly with multiple pharmaceutical companies, including a Phase III clinical trial in oncology. 

"Every sponsor has their own expectations, documentation and processes. We adapt to make sure that the sponsor's expectations are met, which leads to a more efficient and coherent data management.” 

Soumyashree also feels like she has a defined vision for her career path. 

"I look forward for my next level role to shoulder higher responsibilities that will engage my leadership skills. My managers have provided a learning platform for me and given me requisite flexibility by allowing me to work from home to discharge my responsibility as a mother along with the office work. This organization finds credence in my reliability, which is the most encouraging attribute about the company. It has been a wonderful journey of six years and I aspire to continue my association with our valued organization.”

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