Susan Hughes
Laboratory Operations Manager

Harrogate, United Kingdom
At Covance, I have the opportunity to be involved on a daily basis in industry leading projects which have the scope to redefine global medicine and bring untold benefit to some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

When I joined Covance in June of 1993, I couldn’t have imagined how it would transform my life. I began with the company on a part-time evening shift so that I could balance work and family. Today I am the Laboratory Operations Manager for our Immunology & Immunotoxicology department in Harrogate, UK. During these years I took on more hours, learned cutting-edge science from talented colleagues and found a rewarding career path that included many promotions.

My drive and passion to help people who were suffering from a number of debilitating diseases such as cancer, heart disease, leukaemia and diabetes began during my Clinical Chemistry training in a National Health Service hospital in the UK. I was astonished and captivated, seeing first-hand the effectiveness of the new and innovative drugs people were prescribed and their resultant recovery and indeed longevity. Today, I am proud to support the mission of developing those life-changing drugs.

I’ve often been asked why I stayed with one company for so long. There are many reasons. I cannot think of a more worthy purpose than to help people who are suffering from disease. Another factor in my choice to remain with the organisation is Covance’s empowering work environment. Here, diversity of culture, high-level scientific knowledge and differing viewpoints converge and the result is innovation. I continue to be amazed at the exceptional people I am able to collaborate with, both on the Covance team and on the client side.

Some of the reasons I stay with Covance are personal as well. I have appreciated the flexibility offered to me throughout the years, allowing me to have a career and a family. I started in an entry-level position and through hard work, passion for learning and a commitment to quality; I have grown. I am grateful that Covance provided this opportunity for me to transform my initiative into a rewarding career path. As a Laboratory Operations Manager, I now provide my team with the same opportunities to grow and I enjoy witnessing my employees’ transition and transformation.

Above all, I stay at Covance because it’s a privilege to be part of this global team and to personally contribute to the future of cancer treatment.

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