Meet Vidhya
Susanna Shin (Korea Clin Ops Head)

Hello! My name is Susanna Shin, and I lead the Korea Clinical Operations team.
Labcorp Drug Development is the only drug development company with a full range of research and development services, from preclinical trials to commercialization.  
The Labcorp Drug Development Korea team provides  full service clinical trials from Phase I to Phase IV.  With both local and global clinical trials we offer the expertise to support every aspect of  nonclinical and clinical studies.
We have an Early Development Team, Feasibility & Start Up, Site Management, Flexible Solutions, Clinical Team Lead, Project Management, Global Regulatory Submission Team, and QA, QC as well as a Business Development Team.
Labcorp Drug Development provides better opportunities for employee career development and a much broader scope of service to clients since the integration with Chiltern in 2017.
Thank you.

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