Ulrike – A Constructive Environment
Even though Ulrike had a lot of experience working with other pharma companies and CROs, she quickly noticed how her job at Labcorp Drug Development was different.

“I think the environment in CROs and pharma companies is pretty much the same, but what is nice within Labcorp Drug Development is the people,” she said.

“I find the work environment very constructive. If there is ever an issue, no one is blamed. We work together to solve our problems. Of course, it is always a challenge to keep up with a sponsor’s expectations, but the difference at Labcorp Drug Development is how people work with each other.”

A global perspective
Ulrike also appreciates the scope of her projects. “As a large CRO, Labcorp Drug Development is really global. You learn so much about various countries. I’ve been able to travel to investigator meetings in many places around the world, like Seoul and Chicago.”

Her exchanges with colleagues also keep her motivated. “I like the international part of this job and getting to know people from different regions.”

Maintaining connections
When she is not travelling, Ulrike works from her home-based office. She first built up her network at Labcorp Drug Development through onboarding classes.

“It can be isolating to work from home, especially if you are new to a company,” she admitted. “But Labcorp Drug Development made it easy to know who to talk to. Each new PM will quickly get connected to the network, and department meetings will help us meet PMs from other regions.”

Fostering her potential
Earning a promotion within two years since starting at Labcorp Drug Development has been motivating for Ulrike.  

“When I first started, I had a very challenging project that was extremely difficult, but I had so much support from my managers. Through this experience, I felt that Labcorp Drug Development is really fostering my potential.”

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